Are we human ?



Humanism refers to the capacity of man to progress and to flourish through knowledge. However, in today’s societies, there are so many factors and stereotypes between humans that one really wonders who we are. Racism, sexism and communitarianism are ideologies that are embedded on society.

As Rousseau stated in his Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality among Men, unlike animals, humans have no innate natural instinct. Nevertheless, he is not destitute of any quality since he possesses the ability to make use of his reason. From this point of view, the human is not of a determinate nature, but can develop in an infinite variety of ways. The stakes are therefore great since after observing many evils of society, it is clear that humans tend to compete, wage war among themselves and destroy themselves like a pack of wolves. We can refer to the atrocities of the ku klux klan, to the many police blunders against blacks in the United States, to Nazism or to numerous attacks to know that human beings surpass their own principles by committing atrocities towards their relatives.


Otherwise, according to Wikipedia, Sexism is an ideology based on adherence to discriminatory beliefs based on gender. It relies in part on gender stereotypes, that is, beliefs about characteristics commonly associated with women and men. Sexism therefore refers to the idea that gender difference may legitimize the domination of one sex over the opposite sex. But women are more victims than men either in their workplace or in the community.

The place of women in society is the story of a long struggle for equality. Women feel inferior to men, despite some improvements. Feminist struggles are initially centered around the question of obtaining the right to vote. The voting right acquired, the struggles do not cease and concern the possibility of disposing of its body and on the equality in the society. Significant advances have been made, such as the right to abortion, but deep inequalities remain.


However, communitarianism is an ideology that refers to the fact that man is nothing without his beliefs, cultures etc. But it becomes dangerous when man idolizes a kind of ideal. Communitarianism aims to bring people who share the same religious or cultural ideas. As a result, he no longer has siblings and cohesion since one person indexes another or minimizes. As a result, there are attacks, ethnic wars and suicides. As a result, human life has become unimportant thing.


We can only be human if one does not act like animals and if one does not commit acts that appear to them.


Men and Women in Society


When we talk about the role of men and women in society, we can refer to their status in society, their rights, battles or convictions. While the role of man has always been affirmed, that of the woman was acquired by a long struggle. Role expectations also lead us to the question of identity. Indeed, it is not only through education and culture that everyone builds his identity but also largely by his (her) function (s), his or her timetable.


To begin, the role of woman was, in society, characterized by discrimination and a long struggle for the realization of her rights. She had no place in society, the only roles assigned to her within the family were those of mistress of the house, mother and wife. She had no rights: she could not open a checking account at the bank, could not travel or leave the home without her husband’s permission, could not work, or vote or divorce.
She was exclusively responsible for the household duties and the education of the children. He was a model wife. There were even guides to show them the right behaviors to adopt, such as the “Guide to the Good Wife” of 1953, which consisted of eleven rules that the woman had to follow to be a perfect wife. For example, she had to be silent and listen to her husband, to be beautiful when he returned from work, to have prepared dinner, to put him at ease, or to do household chores during the day Quiet after his work day.

  Today women have as many rights and freedoms as men. They are, for example, not financially dependent on their husbands, since they have their own bank account, they can travel without their permission, apply for divorce, study, work, etc. They can vote, since 1975, and be elected. They may also practice the same activities and leisure activities as men. However, it should be noted that few women hold high-level positions, although many have a university degree.
The presence of women in politics is increasingly important. It is particularly noteworthy in Latin America, with Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile from 2006 to 2010, and since 2014 Laura Chinchilla, President of Costa Rica since 2010, and Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina since 2007. In Spain, Carme Chacón Was the first woman appointed Minister of Defense in 2008.
Hispanic women struggled to achieve these changes.

Otherwise, “Be a man …”, “A man, that does not cry …”. Expressions heard by many boys in their childhood. The masculine identity is the authoritarian status that it occupies within the family or in its work. Men are now called upon to play multiple roles because the expectations in terms of role are diversified. New expectations are emerging and others remain. On the one hand, with the arrival of women in the labor market, men are expected to play an increasingly important role in education (a role of listening, participation in leisure activities and more necessarily Of authority). On the other hand, men are expected to continue to bring a relatively large wage back home. They are therefore confronted with multiple and sometimes contradictory pressures.

To conclude, we have seen different views of the role of men and women in society.


The Impact Of Technology on Society


Technology can refer to technical progress, expertise or scientific progress. Nowadays, technology involves experiments, arts and discoveries. The issue of this is to improve our modern society and make life easier. Indeed, if we talk about technology we can also allude her strengths, disadvantages and impacts.

To begin, technology can be considered as a pillar of our society. Today, many people find happiness in social networks, electronic toys and products than her makes. For example, in the medical field, medical scanner uses X-Rays to find diseased cells, in education, computers improve our way to thinking or knowledges with some website like Google where we can research everything. Furthermore, in philosophy, the issue of technology is that it distinguishes the human of the animal and makes him holder master of the nature.

Otherwise, technology has also involved addiction, perversion and conflicts. Internet is a factor of technical progress but many countries are against globalization and, thereby, technology. For orient’s countries technical progress is one of the results of the “New world order” and makes people lazy. Most people get easily influenced and use technology to their own interests like to spy, hacking systems of a specific country.

Furthermore, With new technologies, the computer world is revolutionized, thanks to the Internet, which offers many services. Among them, online shopping: many consumers prefer to buy from their homes because they have no time to move, or to avoid traffic, crowds, or long queues at checkouts . This method is also very effective to book tickets or tickets for a trip, a concert, an exhibition, etc., especially as smartphones allow today to make these purchases via mobile phone.

However, Technological advances include all the technological advances, such as the use of broadband Internet, smartphones increasingly advanced, the use of Internet services for the creation of robots, and the creation of “cities intelligent “or” smart homes “, where technology replaces the actions normally performed by humans.

Today, one can control his home remotely through applications on smartphone: you can turn off the light remote, adjust the heater before you arrive, open the shutters, etc…


Indeed, if we talk about technology we can also allude her impact. In my personal opinion, the impact of technology is different in societies because it is not all the societies whose have new technologies or whose can accept this. However, the impacts are much. We can allude to good impacts: stay connected to the world (with technology I can speak or see my parents at the end of the world), stay informed rapidly and easily (all information about our modern society are in internet, sometimes we learn things from this, just before that they come in our society from others), industrialized society. The bad impacts on society are dependance, laziness or bad intentions(manipulate others for our own advantages.)

To conclude, technology is everywhere in all things that we done and people can do what they want with it. We have seen that technology has good or bad impacts on society so it is human’s choice to improve society or desctruct her.


The impact of religion in our society


The term “Religion” can refer to a system of practices and beliefs for a group or community. However, everyone have an own point of view about this. Our modern society has created some ideologies, reflections and Gods, even thought it can be a positive opinion or not. ” Religion the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a world without heart, as it is the spirit of an age without spirit. It is the opium the people”.(XIX) Karl Marx said.

Personally, I don’t go to the Church every sundays, but I pray cause I believe in the existence of a God who has created all things. I was educated in a Christian Family and I respect beliefs of others. Indeed, every religion have this own assessment of what might be called religion.

To begin, religion is supposed to bring people and to establish rules of life that fit well for the well being of the society. The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or set of duties.

Otherwise, there are many types of religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduis and traditional folk religion. Indeed, The emancipation of religion has took different place in the social ladder. Some religions place an emphasis on belief, while others emphasize practice. Some religions focus on the subjective experience of the religious individual, while others consider the activities of the religious community to be most important. Some religions claim to be international, believing their rules and convictions or perceptions to be binding for everyone, while others are intended to be practiced only by a closely defined or localized group. In many places religion has been associated with public institutions like government.

However, some people has created their own conception of the term religion such as Scientology. In this “religion” a special man is called God by his adepts. In my opinion, I think that a man is a person like many others and in our modern society, we need to believe in a God which have created everythings in this world. We need to develop our mentalities, convictions and rights for a better world. Even if I don’t agree with this religion, I respect their opinions and i can’t judge the philosophy of her adherents.

Each religion sets moral limits to what the individual can or should do in the world and towards his neighbor. Thus, a fundamental biblical commandments is “Thou shalt not kill” and the gospel or Buddhism promotes altruistic and selfless behavior.

If we talk about religion we can refer to the impact of religion in our modern society. Today, many people do anything to defend some ideologies even if is bad. During the Elizabeth period( XVI), the “royaume de France” was assailed by conflicts between catholics and protestants. Some Believers do stupid things and discredite others religions than their. In the history, religion has created war between communities cause the values are not the same everywhere. Otherwise, in 1945 we have seen conflicts between Palestine and Iran(muslims and jewish).

Some positive points of religion in our society is tolerance and well being. With Christianism, for example, people should love others and support them in bad moments. We have seen some muslims and christians walked in the street of France for to support this country in bad moments.

To conclude, we have seen the place of religion in our modern society and her impacts. Religion takes an important place in our modern society. Indeed, many stereotyps condamn her and created tensions between communities like we have seen before with the conflict between jewish and muslims(specially arabs).